Services That Save Time and Minimize Your Project Budget

Toll Integrated Systems (TIS), a Toll Brothers company, utilizes MiTek Design Software. MiTek makes it possible for our engineers to perform whole house engineering and 3-D modeling. That means we can review the critical issues with you ahead of time to prevent delays in the field. The software is fast and powerful, enabling reduced designer time and thus lowering the total project costs to our customers. Our in-house estimating, in-house engineering, and delivery provides for greater customer ease and project efficiency. And our quality standards are unmatched by anyone in the market, unparalleled.

Engineering take-offs for
Wall panel design
Toll Integrated Systems utilizes advanced wall panel design and construction automation, which significantly reduces customer turnaround time and total cost within a quality controlled environment.
Truss design
We offer you value engineering for truss design, including roof truss design, floor truss design, and open web design. Both the roof and floor truss operation uses advanced automation technology to precisely cut and assemble all truss components. In addition, lumber storage and component assembly is performed within a quality-controlled environment.